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Corporate Errands and Concierge


The Nistarz Corporate Errands Nairobi Kenya Task MAsters


Professionals are struggling to balance their work and family responsibilities.

Keep your employees in the office and productive. As your business concierge service, we will run group errands to the post office, bank, get lunch and stocking the office supply cabinet.

Our corporate concierge and errand services improve productivity and morale by completing time consuming tasks for your employees.

The Nistarz Tast Masters helps employers to enhance productivity inorder to work free from destructive personal tasks. By delegating everyday to day tasks to specialists with record on delivery and attention to detail.

We aimed to help employers by running all kind of errands/tasks and concierge to alleviate the pressure on capital's  workforce.

Our team of reliable, vetted proffessionals can be available at a moment of notice to help you.

We will take on those tasks that are time wasters for productivity like



  • Organize work space/files
  • Courier services
  • Schedule meetings & appointments
  • Assist with mailings

  • Arranging conferences & meetings
  • Conference attendee registration
  • Deliver office lunch/snacks
  • Pick-up and deliver gift for co-worker
  • Shop for and deliver office supplies
  • Attend to needs of out of town guests
  • Scheduling appointments (doctor, spa, golf, etc.)


Every Concierge Service Package is unique.

We specialize in tailoring our services to your organization's requirements so you can meet your specific goals.

Errands and Concierge services can be offered to your senior level staff or to your entire organization.

The choice is yours! We will free up your time!


The Nistarz Task Masters offers two different types of Corporate Errands and Concierge Services:

The Flexible Corporate Errands and Concierge plan can be customized to serve smaller organizations.

Your concierge is only a phone call away.

Below are some benefits of this convenient call-in service:
    Requests can be made by phone or email
    Most requests are handled within 24 hours

Dedicated On-Site Corporate Errands and Concierge

Our company will customize this plan to provide a dedicated concierge for your organization's exclusive use.

Your employees will be more productive by having the corporate concierge located in your office to take care of all their requests.

Below are some benefits to having us "in-house":
    Personalized service
    Requests can be made in person, by phone or email
    All requests are handled within 24 hours
    Help arrange employee functions on-site