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Driving Services


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Our driving services are exclusively rendered by competent and efficient drivers.

Do you got a visitor who needs to be picked up? Children who need to be driven to and from school? or Need  a designated driver in case you need to have a drink? or Simply need driving services.

We’re available to pick you up and drop you off, and can even walk you in, or stay with you if needed.

We provide personal driving services for seniors, those recovering from surgery or anyone who just needs some accompaniment or help getting around.

  • Airport rides
  • V.I.P transportation Treatment for guests
  • Fun outings for seniors (lunches, to the beach, park etc.)
  • Lady chauffeurs/drivers
  • Car pick up and drop off e.g. garage
  • When going to drink and need a driver.
  • Transportation Service
  • Picking and dropping children or guests.
  • Grocery shop assistance
  • Personal shopping assistance (we offer a great second opinion!)
  • Appointment assistance (sit with you during appointments to take notes and act as second set of eyes and ears for important information)