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Private Jet Charter


Tje Nistarz Private Jet Bookign Errands Task MAsters Nairobi Kenya


The Nistarz Private Jets service solves air travel logistics with dedication and passion, bringing more choice, flexibility and control to your entire travel experience.


Private travel for those who never settle for same.


You can book whol charter of 4 seats, 6 seats or 30 seats depending on your needs from:

  • Corporate & Business Travel - fly as executive only or with corpotate members for any meeting, event or incentive.
  • Collegiate Team Sprots Travel -  team or single pro travel when youu have to get there on time, fly in a flexible competitive ever-changing sky environment.
  • Live Entertainment and Touring - ready to rock so you can roll. You can make your tour rock with The Nistarz Private Jets. 
  • Government Travel - flying any government agencies, arms and bodies at any moment of notice.


The Nistarz Errands Private Jet Booking Task Masters NAirobi Kenya