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Relocation Services


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Whether you are moving across the country, cities, counties or suburbs there is always so much to do.

Are you an employee moving for work?

That's where The Nistarz Task Masters come in.

  • We simplify the process and take the guesswork and stress out of relocating.
  • We take care of the details, so you can focus on the change!
  • We package and move your stuff and belonging. Having peace of mind. Getting your things there safely.
  • We help corporates and families get settled.
  • We help corporates find an office and families find a home. Keep cal and enjoy your new office and homes.
  • We help on cordinating sale of your home.
  • We help families find a school.
  • We help on internation relocation; visa application, ticket booking, work permit, visa and permit renewal.
  • We make arrangements to get to know your new local area orientation and surrounding.
  • We can do it all for you if you need. Find out more on all our errands services.

Downsizing and moving are by far some of the hardest times for families.

With our experience, we make this goal achievable and more manageable by supporting you and your family through the process.

Whether you are a senior or family downsizing a home, the task of sorting and purging can quickly become overwhelming.

When people decide to downsize themselves, their parents, or other relatives, they are forced to deal with all the decision making. Clearing through years of mementos as well as clutter and belongings that have just multiplied and collected.

While some seniors sell their home to move to a retirement community or other senior care facilities, other just prefer to move to a smaller house or apartment. Eliminating much of the upkeep and excess. Instead, focusing on a simpler life.

1. We start the process by observing and discussing the details of your move and planning accordingly.

2. We need to take into consideration: time, space, and other obligations. Where to start first? How to sort and pack things for efficient unpacking?

3. We will help you decide what to donate, keep or trash. Plan for your donations to picked up and create an inventory for tax purposes.

Keep in mind that this is an exhaustive process and you need to be patient with yourself. Start as early as possible to reduce the stress and overwhelm. Take your time, pace yourself and DO NOT try to manage this all in just a few days.

Get help, call on friends or family for support. Or, call us today +254 735 266723  for support to make the process easier and smoother, being there for you throughout the process.