Welcome To The Nistarz Task Masters

We Run Chores! You Live Life!

About Us

The Nistarz Task Master is a subsidiary of The Nistarz Group (The Nistarz Limited). 

The Nistarz Task Masters is a renown company in Kenya offering quality and affordable range of services from:

  • Conceirge and Errands services
  • Vehicle Hire and Rental
  • Hotel Booking
  • Travel Arrangements and
  • Relocation services


At the Nistarz Task Masters we value our customers and at all times we strive to provide the best service to all our clients.

Our conceirge and errand services range from Corporate Errands, Personal Errands, Specialised Errands and Diaspora Errands.

Our vehicle hire and rental are in various classes they range from Exotic cars, Vans, Corporate and Business class cars, Safaris cars and trucks, Buses, Coaches and Mini-Buses, Farm Machinery, Heavy Tracks and Construction equipments, Saloon cars, Wagons, 4WD, Rav4s, Mini Pajeros and V.I.P. cars. We also have Pick-ups and Motor cycles all available for hire to suit your needs.

We also offer a wide range of accommodation services from guest houses, resorts and villas with quality service from our friendly and professional staff.

Our travel arrangements, safari and excursions packages also fit well with the services we offer, they are tailored for residents and tourists as well.

Our relocation services is for helping you to move swiftly with confidence.